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Finding Time and Balance in Pocket Scrapbooking and Week Eight, 2014 featuring Studio Calico

I am back today with a BIG question that I am asked often.
actually all the time.

How do you Find Time and Balance to actually DO This?

I think one of the hardest battles you will have in completely your album is in finding both the time to actually put the project together and the balance of how much and what to include. Today I am going to be focused on how that can instead be as natural and easy as drinking your morning coffee….
 or any other part of life that you just do each day without overthinking it.

Before I share with you some helpful tricks and tips I want to share

Week 8, 2014



if you scroll down the post a bit I will share the kit I used and a review for you
and now onto
Time Management Tricks

1. Schedule Time.

I know we would all love to create on that perfect afternoon…. A quiet empty house, the gentle spring breeze blowing in through the open window, the crockpot dinner simmering away and perfect supplies and inspiration on out on a clutter free desk. It sounds just delightful. Honestly, though, as nice as it sounds, it may not ever be your reality. You might need to plan and schedule your time out to complete this project. Once you write that time on your weekly calendar, you also need to let go of the guilt of what you could be doing instead. We are all so busy. We have endless lists of work, chores, children’s activities even. BUT this time and this gift you create for them is completely worth taking that hour or two away
from all of that to complete. You will be creating something for your whole family, you and your spouse or even dear friends to look back on for years. This is more than a fancy scrapbook page is a documentation of real genuine life. Life that will never look like this again.

2. Make Project Life A Priority.

Now that you have marked that time down to create you need to prioritize it. Treat it like any other appointment you make in your week and be on time and ready for it. If you have little ones and they will be around when you create, you can create a simple “craft time only” box filled with post it notes, stickers and crayons… maybe throw in a few grid cards and watch and see what they might create for your weekly Project Life Spread. If you are all to yourself, keep the room as clutter free as you can. Shut off the tv, cell phone, computer, all distractions you can until your time is up. You will complete so much more when your focus is completely on your project.

3. Commit To A Class You Pay For.

Honestly, when money is spent, motivation will follow. Sign up and be inspired and learn together. It is one of the best ways to commit time to any craft project.

4. Find Time In your Day.

 It can be simple to add in little bits of Project Life throughout your day. You can carry a pack of grid cards or your notebook in your bag when you go to appointments or places where you know you will have a decent wait time and start taking notes from your week. While making dinner you could bring your laptop with you and print pictures from your wireless printer, or order them online. Take 15 minutes each day to do a little something for Project Life. Those little minutes of creating and planning will really add up over the course of the week, and will make it so much easier to complete your spreads when you do sit down to put them in your album.
This online community is ONLY about Pocket Scrapbooking. There is no way you can be distracted or pushed into other creative projects, but will only be inspired to create and complete week after week or month after month. A little peer pressure is good every now and then and this is one of the most lovely places to be for community, inspiration and that push you need.
Before You Begin

1. Less Is More.

 For many Project Lifers, the most time-intensive part of the process is CHOOSING. We can spend so much time looking for the perfect papers and embellishments and pictures and stickers…. And well, eat up time we could be creating instead. Start with a clean desk and everything will flow easier for you. Gather only the supplies that you need to create the basic spread first. When we have too many items out to start it can confuse the process and it will add time as you struggle to figure out what to use.

2. Have As Much Done Prior To Starting As Possible.

If you are able to take those 15 minutes a day like I mentioned above and print all of your pictures and have some notes, evenjournaling cards filled out already, your process will become so much smoother and easier and it will be easy to stay consistent and up to date.

3. Take LOTS of Pictures.

 The more pictures you have taken, the more inspired you will be to include them in your album and the more you will want to share them and the stories behind them. You cannot have TOO many pictures to choose from, but when you do start creating do not let this overwhelm you, either, just choose your one or two favorites from each event. The rest can easily be added to a monthly cd you can include inside Project Life to view anytime in a month by month format.

4. Try A Scrapbooking Project Life Monthly Kit.

There are a few more of these starting up all of the time. I, myself, love having a kit of pre-matched supplies and Project Life cards all ready in a little box for me. It is so nice to just add some pictures and journaling and maybe a few items from my scrapbooking stash and TADA. Done. Fast, easy and without any extra work from me.

Office Hours Project Life Kit
Today is ALL about Studio Calico, as far as my layout goes. I so excited to share what I loved about this kit with you!
you can check out all of the designers' reviews and projects
HERE on The Pocket Source

and here is what I want to share about this kit
 The Studio Calico Project Life kits are packed full of fun. I really fell in
love with the colors and coordination of this kit and how easily the kit
transformed my photos and stories into a layout I love. I really liked the
simplicity of the stamp set and how useful it was in telling my stories and
adding extra design and color to my spread. The bigger letter stickers were fun
to use and different from what I have seen in many PL kits. They made the kit
extra special.

I would definitely buy one of these kits in the future to create more pocket
scrapbooking layouts I adore as much as this one!

5. Know your process.

The more you know about how you want your spreads to look, the more you'll be able to work with that process instead of against it. When you create the next layout, write down your typical creating routine and where you get stuck. Look for what you have done, the order in which you have done it. Really look at how you create from start to finish. Start to point out where it becomes harder for you or even nonexistent. Then, together, we can figure out how to move through the problems you may face and find your process and style together. And in turn, find a way to make creating simple and fun for you.

How Much to Include

I think it is important to remember that this is a life record of your life, which is different than any other person or family. You could use all of the same products as the family who lives next door and your albums will still look completely different. You will have your own stories, pictures and little bits of life and embellishments added that will create a unique look. It is important to include a little bit of everything that is special and unique to you or your family, even as simple or mundane as your tooth brush, is something that tells a lot about your family. At the same time, you want to be careful not to overwhelm yourself with too much and not have a good balance of both pictures and words. This is what make project life so different in the scrapbook world, it is a true balance of words and pictures and it works perfectly when both are combined in a more evenly put together way. If the balance is off, the project can be much harder to put together. Finding this balance will be worth it in the end and help you find more joy in this project.

What You DO NOT Want To Leave Out

1. Pictures.

This seems obvious, right? Well, yes and no. It is so important to have pictures if you want to visually remember a moment or event and to have them you must take them. Do not be afraid to pull that camera out to capture life. Also, know there are no rules here, if you forgot to take a picture today of something and it will look basically the same tomorrow, then just take the picture then. It is better to have the picture than to just forget it.

2. Words.

(because the way you tell the story today will be so different from how you would tell it later)

This one is often forgotten the most in Project Life, especially with all the pretty supplies, but the words are so needed to tell the story. There is no right or wrong on how many words, or how they need to be told, just do not forget to add them in. In a day when so many of our words are typed, texted and spoken, it is such a gift to have hand written words in your album…. Think about added words and handwriting from the oldest and youngest generations of your family for a real keepsake.

3. Something that will change.

(these crazy dolls will not be around forever or those sweet toes)

Do you remember having REAL tickets at the movies? Cassette Tape covers? Oh yes, I could list hundreds of things that have changed in my lifetime already and so many more will change before another year has passed. These little bits of everyday life and memorabilia can be such a treasure to look on since they may not stay as they are for long. Make sure you save your little things each week to see what may fit perfectly in your album.

4. Things that are unique to each family member.

(the life of this two year old is so unlike any other two year old we have had)

 I think it is special to add things from each child’s or family member’s life into the album that is different from anyone else and share that from their perspective, if possible, too. It really adds that memory more completely and creates a treasure that Project Life is so ideal for!

5. Victories and Struggles.

(because sharing your heart is part of this process)

 It is up to you how much you share in your album, but personally I so love seeing what God has done in my life. It is such a joy to look back to struggles we have had and see how prayers were answered or how we managed through them and still stayed a team, working together in all things. Just the same, it is so special to document any victory, great or small and see how much that meant to us. On the hard days, these victories are such a blessing to look back on! It is okay to include the good, the bad, and the in between.

Find the time, create balance. It is worth it.

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supply list:
Office Hours Project Life Kit by Studio Calico
Design A and Design F Page Protectors by Becky Higgins
Tim Holtz Mini Attacher
American Crafts Precision Pen
date stamp, ink, thread, sewing machine


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