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Week Six, 2014, and The Perfectionist Pocket Scrapbooker

The Perfectionist Pocket Scrapbooker

Do you even sit and wonder how you can even begin this journey. You bought all of these pretty supplies and took some pictures, maybe even some notes, but the thought of filling those pockets can be unnerving? Scary? Or just intimidating?
It could be you are comparing yourself too much with others, or it could simply be your expect too much from yourself. Either way, I am writing this just for you, to help you to enjoy the process, imperfectly.

I am starting with a layout VERY unique to me. It has just a couple of pictures. No theme. A random supply list and fun new techniques I rarely try. And I adore it. And it was easy.  Take a look, then keep reading....

Week 6, 2014

want to create freely like this?
and love the result?
I am going to take you through a 12 Step Program.
Don’t Giggle. I am serious.
and it will help.
if you let it.

Step One: Stop.
I am not going to ask you to stop being a perfectionist but what I am saying is STOP thinking and overthinking and thinking some more. This will likely be what trips you up BEFORE you begin.


 It is paralyzing and can warp your good ideas into bad ones. It will turn your brilliant designs into no designs. FAST. So how do you stop overthinking? Well, you can’t. Yes, I just told you to do something you cannot possibly do. BUT I know once you know what is holding you back you can use that and the tools I am sharing to help you push those thoughts aside. The need for getting it right and finding the perfect such and such aside and just let yourself be. Because once you just “be” you will create from your heart.

Step Two: Copy
If you cannot let go enough to just design freely, choose a favorite layout you have recently seen. Purchase or find in your stash everything that is used in that spread and copy it exactly only changing your photos and words. Often the biggest stumbling block in creativity, especially for a perfectionist is just beginning. Start, the rest is easy.

Step Three: Find Accountability
Find your one person. Every perfectionist needs one in life to keep going. You can shut down without one. If you are a perfectionist Project Lifer you need one person to bounce ideas and thoughts off weekly. One person to tell you to get your craft on. One person to listen, encourage and force you.

Step Four. Choose Less
Now you are sitting quietly, not overthinking and finally found a good friend to encourage and push you on and BANG you look at your desk. A MILLION THINGS assault you and cripple you and once again you cannot even think about creating… you just fiddle around or leave your workspace. You do not know where to begin or how to make any of that fall onto the page. Well, who would? You want to create a two page spread with enough for one year (or a hundred).


 Clear your desk. Take out your photos, a few journaling cards, and nothing else. Admire your photos, write your stories… then if something is missing, add a pop of design here and there… and love it in its simplicity.

you can go back and layer and add  and stamp and stitch and paint later, like I did on these cards

or leave them simple, just the patterned paper, or a few layers and they would still look amazing

like these....

Step Five: Organize
I will be covering my organizational systems with you shortly, but for now, just think on this. If you are a perfectionist you need a tidy, well organized space so you can have a clear mind to begin. You cannot be distracted with finding things in the process, but need to know where everything is right away so you can stay in your groove, your sweet spot, your not overthinking-it-all mode. Keep everything you need within reach, as well, to keep you from going to far.

Step Six: Give It or Trash It
You have to really think on this one. Do you love it? Does it fit your style, your heart in Pocket Scrapbooking, your stories? Are you drawn to it? Yes? GREAT. Keep it. No? Get rid of it, now, right away! If you hang onto it (that STUFF) will become the biggest reason you cannot create. You CANNOT create easily with products you feel like you need to use. You can create more freely with products that fit you, your style, your family and your life. Give those products away to someone who will treasure them. Or even throwing your scrap paper away can be freeing and leave you more freedom to create. You can feel bad over what you paid for these and keep them hoarded up in your closet feeling guilt and pressure to make them work or you can give them away and feel blessed by your gift to others.

Step Seven: Choose One Design Element

Find a something you do each week on your spreads and you will love them more! You can always choose to do that element first to get you started and loving your spreads from the get go. I like to start with a card with a half doily, some layering and some mist and stitching. I always love how it comes out in any line, with any supplies and that always starts my layout off feeling lovely and beautiful to me. Search galleries, pinterest, everywhere and find your something or create your own. This could be the one thing that causes the breakthrough for you to start creating regularly and joyfully!
Step Eight: Write
I cannot say enough how important journaling is. ESPECIALLY for the perfectionist. Having all of the stories written down and knowing how special they are to you will help you on to the next step of documenting. YOU MUST JOURNAL to stop overthinking before you create. It really works.

Step Nine: Unplug
If you know me, you knew this was coming. *wink* You need to stop looking at ideas online. There is always someone out there who is more creative, has better photos, better handwriting, more supplies. You name it. You need to stop looking at what they are doing. They are not you. They do not have your story, your beautiful life and they can never capture it the way you do. Own your story.
Unplug from the discouragement.

Step Ten: Fast
Okay, here is the best way to get over a hump. Set a timer. You have exactly one hour. You complete the spread in one hour and then you have to stop. You cannot fix it, change it or add to it. Leave it for one month. Come back and see how much you love that you did it, not whether the design is perfect. This is an amazing gift to yourself.
You will shock and amaze yourself with how you feel one month later when you look back.

Step 11: Make A List
Make a list of all of the reasons you are doing this project and hang it on the wall over your creative space. Read it intentionally before you begin creating. Your words can be a gift to even you.

Step Twelve: Find Value
I could never word this right, share enough, or have the answers on this one, but most often when our perfectionism is holding us back it has everything to do with how we feel about ourselves. What we feel our worth is. I know that all too well, as this is a struggle I face day after day.
I want to push you to find value in you.
You are so capable for this project.
You are so perfect for taking those pictures and writing those words.
You have something to offer that no one else ever will.
And that makes you and your Project Life absolutely priceless.
So dive in, let go, stop thinking and phone a friend.
(you can even email me!!!!)
I want to encourage you to create more than ideas and collect more than supplies.

Look over your style this week. Do you have a signature trademark? Something you love that you do on each layout?
Make Your List
Purge your unwanted/unwanted supplies
Create A Spread in One Hour

you can find bit more on HOW my cards were transformed on

THIS post on UmWowStudio


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