Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week Four 2014, Design Decisions in Pocket Scrapbooking

A Little More, A Little Less, Design Dilemmas and Decisions
Pocket Scrapbooking Style

Today I wanted to share with all a little more about simple and complex deign and how to decide when enough is enough. Most of these tips are straightforward and simple, and yet they will help you start a layout and complete a layout easier. The layout completed for this lesson show two different options, 
each beautiful in their own way, 
and how choosing simply or more complex can make your layout truly you and what you want for Pocket Scrapbooking.

Do you like it simple?
Do you like to embellish?
How do you know when to stop embellishing?

These answers will be as different and unique as we are, but here are a few tips to help us sort it all out, 
in pictures and words.

1. Pick your week or month

You are ready to create and ready to tell stories. Start simply by choosing which stories and pictures you WANT to work with first. Do you worry if you are out of order or behind, just choose what you have to tell, what you are loving or inspired with RIGHT NOW. Skipping around is just fine with Project Life. You can skip weeks, months and even years. You will create so much more freely and enjoy it so much more if you pull what love out first. I know this seems like it could cause you to fall behind even more, and it could, but the weeks, months, or events you do share will have so much more of your heart in them.

2. Choose Photos

Now you have the week, month or event chosen you are all set, right? Then you look and you only have one picture or you have a hundred. It can be overwhelming. Just pick a few of your favorites and go with it. Do you not worry about perfect or best, just the ones that you feel like telling the stories about.

3. Choose Simple Cards (or papers) That Tell the Story or Theme

(cards in a simple color theme I chose, very randomly)

along with these printables

and this themed collection

(a simple winter collection called "Winter Wonderland" by Pretty Little Studio that fit the theme perfectly)
Just pull out the themed and/or simple cards or collections to simplify the process. Cut or layer them, if needed, and lay them out.

4. Add Journaling

Now you need to add your story. It can be one of the hardest parts and most avoided in this process. I will be back tomorrow with a whole post on this, but for now, just know there is no wrong way to do this. Just add words. It really is that easy.

5. Throw It In The Pockets

 Toss in your pictures. Your Cards, too. No fussing. No worrying. Just get them all in. Done.

And then you look. REALLY look.  

Pictures are in, story is down. Your week or month or event is recorded. 
How you do you feel? It is done? Do you feel good with it?

If you can say yes, that is wonderful. It is clean, documented and part of your story. It is lovely. RUN, go put those amazing story pocket pages into your album! And love them!

Do you feel something is missing? Are you dissatisfied? Try 5 and 6 first…


Try adding just ONE type of embellishment. Many of my layouts have a simple strip of matching or the same roll of washi across my layout for extra color coordination, embellishing and just “prettying it up”. Then you can step back and see if this helped you feel like the spread is complete.

(here I added the brand new silver foil stickers from Pretty Little Studio)

6. ADD Paint, Ink, Mist, Small Embellishments or Stitching

This very simple technique can make any page, even Pocket Scrapbooking pages, feel complete, finished and well put together. I like to use a few splatters of mist or stitching to finish off even my simplest cards to make them feel done and to create a more unified look without added embellishments and /or extra expense.

In my layout you can see how that really helped and it can truly be done now and feel completed. It looks fairly clean and simple, but has just that little “pop of pretty”.

Lastly, if you are like me, you need just a bit more. That is just fine. I added a little stamping, some sequins, flair buttons and washi. They just made it all feel WONDERFUL to ME. I like junk in the pockets. LOTS of junk. It makes me feel all happy inside.

That leads me to this last thought: HOW MUCH JUNK?

When is it done? When do you stop playing, and picking and touching and adding? When do you know you are done and throw it into your album and call it good?

This answer is VERY tricky, but simple, too. I work until I “feel” it looks nice, then for a week I set it in my album. In one week if I still like it and feel it looks like I want it to, I leave it. Sometimes I find it does need a little sticker or stamp or dot of this or that…. Sometimes I find a picture that I had missed and include that or I add more of a story that I had forgotten to put in.

 BUT most of the time, like I have a feeling will be the case with this layout, I just leave it. LOVE it… and I move on.

Because seriously friends, there are 51 more years in the year to add into this book.

Some sweet thoughts on Week Four

This week was simple and not too busy. The story is simple. It is of a family. A big one, a loving one. A one who has good days and bad days.

and a mother with a heavy heart.

and it was also of a little boy finding his way during a long cold winter where trains seemed so much sweeter than snow.

I want to thank my dear friend, Karole-Ann for providing these sweet hats you see my youngest four wearing in the family photos on the right side of the layout. She also used her amazing photography skills to capture my family, which is near impossible with eight. She blessed my family with her grace and talent.
You can find her photography page here: Kann Photography
and her amazing handmade hats here: K & K Creations

and want to see more of Winter Wonderland being used in action?

check out
Week Six, 2014

(a week of fighting the blues and enjoying the view)

Challenges for you this week:

 Invest in some time to look over all of your layouts you love in your albums and decide what they all have in common.
 Love the work you create and the story you tell, because that will help you to create more!

and how about a local card class?

This class will include supplies needed to create this Pocket Scrapbooking Card Assortment and 6 additional cards.

 date: March 22, 2014
time: 9:30-11:30 am
cost: $10.00
all of the supplies, tools and instruction included
only 8 spots available

you could also email me for purchasing these cards premade and ready to ship
and how about I offer a giveaway of each of these items Winter Wonderland that I used today

just leave a comment on this post for your chance to win!

supply (giveaway) list:

Winter Wonderland 8x8 paper pack
Silver Snowflakes 8x8 Vellum
Vellum | Silver Stardust 8x8
Printable | Wonderland Apothecary Cards
Printable | Wonderland Mini Bookmark Tags
Printable | Wonderland Large Bookmark Tags
Cut-outs | Wonderland Label Tags


Stickers | Silver Foil Alphas
Stickers | Silver Foil Arrows
Stickers | Silver Foil Arrows
Stickers | Silver Foil Stars
Flair | Snow Much Fun Buttons

 (for the giveaway you will receive hard copies of the printables in your package)

additional supplies (not included in giveaway): 

Becky Higgins Design A Page Protectors

from Pretty Little Studio
Silver Chevron 8x8 Vellum
Tabs | Yule Log

 from freshbluemornings  
Striped Paper Clips Blue Black Pink 15 Count 1 1/4"
Gray and White Baker's Twine 5 yards
Small Gray Parcel Tags Blank 2 3/4" x 1 3/8" 20 Count
Small White Parcel Tags 2 3/4" x 1 3/8" 20 Count

Project Life assorted cards in photo by
Studio Calico
Citrus Twist
Pretty Little Studio
and Becky Higgins
and doilies, white and silver thread

thank you for stopping by today.  

and for those asking about more videos on my Youtube Channel, they are coming. I need a few important supplies and I am praying for provision, but my heart is there and I want to share much much more....


Colie Kumar said...

Always love your layouts! Some really good, solid tips in there, I wish I could take your class :)

vickiparker said...

Thanks for sharing your tips. I work until it "feels"done too but going for a more simple approach this year to what I have done in the past and definitely being a bit more selective in my photos. :)

Amy said...

Just wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing inspiration to help when I am stumped......Really enjoy how you give us some details and all the pics.....I looooooooove the PLS collection!
Amy (iluvmy3kidzzz@yahoo.com)

Joanna said...

Thanks for this post, it has been quite helpful. I always wonder when it is that i am "done". Thanks for the chance to win too.

Melinda Campbell said...

Lisa - you have some of the most beautiful creations! I absolutely love the color scheme you've chosen for this layout, stunning! I love how the teal really makes the pages pop, but the muted colors definitely says winter.

Thank you so much for sharing!

Lisa said...

First time visiting your blog, thank you for allowing me into your world :) Absolutely love the photos and coloring. Can't wait to read what you have to say about journaling...my nightmare :(

Kann said...

You know I love this ;)

AC said...

Very Cute Layout. Thanks For Sharing!

Thelma said...

What a GREAT post...definitely bookmarking it!!! Wish I lived close to take your class those cards are beautifully done! I love reading your posts, always so much helpful tips! Thanks for sharing. :0)

Chark said...

found you thru the pretty little studio fb post. Love this info card!

Chark said...

found you thru the pretty little studio fb post. Love this info card!

SunnyV Heather said...

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your process.

Julie said...

Always love everything you do.

Beth Neiden said...

Your layouts are alway amazing and speak to my heart!! I was thrilled to see a little bit on your page to remind you someone loves and prays for you my friend!!

Virginia A said...

Thanks for the chance to win, Lisa! This kit is super cute, and I especially love the stickers. Love your project life, always. ~Virginia

Cindy McAllister said...

Thanks for the chance to win! I love your layouts and have bookmarked your blog!